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Software Development Partnership with Arniro

We are delighted to announce that Superpow! has joined forces with Arniro to continue with the development of the app and oversee technology.

Founded by brother duo Artyom & Nikita, Arniro is a software development company providing a full range of services in the field of web development, mobile application development and automation of the business processes.

Consequently, we are happy to welcome Arniro Co-Founders with the following roles:

Nikita Nischuk - Non-Executive Technical Director

Artyom Nischuk - Non-Executive Technology Advisor

Nikita and Artyom founded Arniro in April 2017. Nikita is an Economics graduate, Artyom in Technology. Prior to launching the company Artyom was a freelancer.

Nikita shared "My biggest hobbies are hiking and playing voleyball. Artyom is a fun of sports acrobatics. We often snowboard with him in winter time."

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