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Second Lockdown & Mental Health

According to UK charities, the new restrictions will take an even greater toll on mental health. As Paul Farmer, chief executive of mental health charity Mind says, it could be "the greatest test of our mental health this year”.

This article from The Independent explains the alarming situation we are facing and urgent action needed to tackle the mental health crisis during this second lockdown. And The Daily Mail also warns of a spike in suicide, self-harm, alcoholism and domestic abuse, according to 40+ mental health experts.

The idea of Superpow! came up during the first lockdown, when it was clear that spending time in isolation could lead to increased mental health problems in our communities. We want to launch Superpow! at a time of most need - but for this we need your help.

If you believe that we need to take urgent action and tackle this crisis, help us lift up the barriers on mental health by investing in Superpow!

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