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Join Us Live with James Roycroft-Davis, Creator of The Rut Podcast

INSTAGRAM LIVE: Friday 6th November at 18:00GMT. Join us!

We are thrilled to invite you to an Instagram Live conversation with the The Rut Podcast creator James Roycroft-Davis.

Tune in to our Instagram account and join us live today, Friday 6th November at 18:00GMT for an open conversation about #mentalhealth

Who is James?

James Roycroft-Davis is just a regular guy in his 20s and to the outside world he seemingly had everything one might need to be happy. However, after a series of things quickly went wrong in his life in late 2019 James found himself in his biggest rut yet, feeling like he was never going to come out of it.

James didn't talk about his feelings and emotions for a long time. When James finally started talking to his girlfriend about the rut he was in, in a desperate cry for help, his recovery started, inch by inch. He is now on a mission to #getmentalking about their mental health, however big or small.

What is The Rut Podcast?

Anybody and everybody can find themselves in a rut. The Rut Podcast brings you a range of stories from a variety of guests, focusing on what it was like being in their rut and more importantly, how they got out of it.

Check out his website here:

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