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Jaivir Pall backing Superpow! Who is he?

We are delighted to share that Jaivir Pall, Co-Founder of Well Tech and experienced #digitalhealth #entrepreneur is joining Superpow! as Advisor and Investor.

Jai has deep experience in developing #technological solutions to meet the worlds unmet needs. He has worked in markets across Asia, Europe and Africa and propositions and businesses that he developed serve millions of people around the world.

Jai had this to say about Superpow! "I have invested in Superpow! because I see a future in personalisation for all services in #healthcare. The team understands that with health conditions language and culture matters a lot. As a person who lives with a long term condition this #investment spoke to my experience so I want to help it succeed!"

Well Tech, the company he co-founded, is a digital innovation agency and #startup incubator. They work with leading innovators to develop new products and platforms that improve access to services such as healthcare, fintech and education.

Connect with Jaivir Pall here on LinkedIn.

We are delighted to welcome Jai to the Superpow! team with his knowledge and expertise.

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