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A Message From Our Co-founders

One in four people in the UK experiences symptoms of poor mental health. You read this and you say ‘that is not me’. Well then who and where are they?

There was a time when we said the same, whatever this feeling might be, it will pass. And guess what? it did not pass...Poor mental health does not mean physical pain and probably that is why we prefer to wait for the next day when we might feel better.

Superpow! was developed around the idea to give people easy access to online therapy with a professional that makes them feel understood the most. In our case we felt that a specialist from the same home country as ours will better understand our past, our actions, the society we grew up in and its values, its traditions, and most importantly, the emotional implications linked to all these factors. Then, we had the advantage of communicating in our native language. You might feel that you need the same, or you might actually prefer to talk to someone completely different than you, on Superpow! you have the liberty to choose.

Superpow! is addressed to everyone who thinks there is room for improvement in their wellbeing. We are creating that flexible, affordable and confidential platform with services that we needed some time in the past and couldn't find. We are lifting barriers that we came across along the way, so you do not have to face them as well. 

Our message is:

Become a better version of yourself, discover the superhero inside you and ignite your superpowers!

From our founders Gabriel and Andrei

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to our Home Page

  2. Scroll down to "Newsletter Subscription"

  3. Enter your personal details to receive an online therapy session free

  4. We will notify you once Superpow! launches and invite you to download the app

  5. You introduce a promo code and receive credit for your first online therapy session on Superpow!

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