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Announcement: James Roycroft-Davis is joining the Superpow! team. Who is he?

We are delighted to welcome James Roycroft-Davis as Product, Business Development Non-Executive Director & Mental Health Advisor.

James is an #Entrepreneur, #Podcaster, #MentalHealthCampaigner and #Speaker. He is a fantastic, like-minded individual who is very detail oriented and has a passion for mental health, having suffered from his own challenges in the past. James said "I am excited to join Superpow! and look forward to making this a successful journey!"

More recently James is the creator of @therutpod a podcast that brings a range of stories from a variety of guests, focusing on what it was like being in their rut and more importantly, how they got out of it. More recent guests on the podcast include Luke Chadwick, Nick Ede, David Birtwistle and Alastair Campbell.

We are SO HAPPY to welcome James to the Superpow! team and to the invaluable contribution he will bring.

Connect with James on LinkedIn:

Listen to The Rut Podcast:

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