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5 Ways How We Grow Our Therapists Portfolio

As the development of our app is under way, last week our team has started the process of recruiting therapists to join the Superpow! portfolio.

Since we set on the mission to match users with therapists who share a similar cultural background, we must have a portfolio as diverse as possible. And by selecting qualified and accredited therapists only, we want to build a portfolio of exceptional quality.

We are in contact already with many therapists who have expressed interest in joining the Superpow! portfolio and this number is set to grow quickly based on the incredible response we have received so far. The ethnic background they associate with is also varied and we will continue to grow our portfolio following these steps:

  1. We use resources like BACP and other associations to find qualified, registered and experienced therapists

  2. We rely on referrals to grow the portfolio quickly while maintaining excellent quality

  3. We capture therapist applications through our website and social media channels

  4. We evaluate each therapist application on an individual basis and personally ensure that they are suitable for the platform

  5. We use the advice of a qualified scientific consultant to make decisions on who joins Superpow!

Do you know a good therapist that would be fit to join our platform? Invite them to submit an application via this link:

If you would like to discuss with the Superpow! team reach us on

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