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5 Great Things About Superpow!

Here are 5 great things about Superpow!

1. Superpow! was created by two former users of online therapy

We are building the platform from a user's standpoint, in an attempt to normalise mental health and reduce stigma.

2. We have a great software development team

Brothers Nikita & Artyom are working hard to create technology that will bring the Superpow! mission to life. Our team is using Flutter for mobile development (cross-platform) and PHP/Laravel for back end.

3. We are an inclusive service for different cultures

Our team has developed an algorithm to help users from various minorities find the support they need. We aim to achieve this by matching users with therapists who share the same language, culture or ethnicity.

4. Flexible and affordable online therapy

Compared to traditional therapy, as a digital platform, we offer more flexibility related to time and location. Also, with appointments starting from 20 minutes, online therapy will be even more affordable.

5. Our attention to detail

With a wealth of experience from different industries, whether it's product, service or strategy, our team has a mission create an excellent platform for mental health.

Help us lift up the barriers on mental health by investing from as little as £11. EIS and SEIS approved, tap the link for our fundraising campaign.

Capital at risk.

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